Monday, August 29, 2011

Disneyland On My Mind

All summer long it seems one thing has been on my mind. Disneyland. I just can't help but love going there. Can you blame me? It is the happiest place on earth. So I waited and waited and waited some more for our annual passes to be valid for entry. You see the whole month of July and part of August is blocked out for us. Which means we can't go during that time. That's probably for the best since it is inevitably super crowded and hot hot hot. Still, I miss it. So when I looked at the calendar and realized we could finally go that is what we did.

As soon as we arrived I knew exactly why it is that I love this place. The decor, the ambiance, the smiling faces, the smells, the music, the characters, the fairy dust. Every detail is carefully thought out and planned. I love to take it all in. One of these days I will make a mini album to profess my favorite things about this magical place.  For today I will just show you some of the highlights.

Right after we stepped foot onto Main Street we spotted Goof Goof. So of course we had to say hello...
Evareaux is not too sure about him in person because the first thing he did is grab both Minnie and Mickey.

How can you not just love this castle? 

First stop carousel.

Then off to pull the Sword from the Stone. Better luck next time boys.

It's a Small World. Isn't this so intricate and fabulous?
There is actually a TON of scrap inspiration for me in this ride. One day soon I will attempt to take better photos to show you what I mean.

I especially love the exit of this ride...
Beautiful postcards from around the world.

Off to Toon Town. 

Of course no visit to Toon Town would be complete with stopping in to say hi to Minnie Mouse.
Isn't her house the cutest? And you know what? She is always home.

I assure you she is enjoying this visit, even if she does look super nervous.

Inside there are awesome details like these. Cosmousepolitan (should I subscribe?) and a fridge FULL of cheese cheese and more cheese. Evareaux can relate to Minnie's love of cheese.
When I tell my husband I want us to have a Mickey Mouse kitchen I don't think he quite understands what I mean. I am really jealous of Minnie's and I want ours to look like this. :)

Ev likes it too. She never wants to leave this chair...

Once outside again we admire the new fountain...

And then stop by to see Mickey. This is where I find these lovely pieces of history...
Look at those first edition dolls! I have to admit it is really cool to see where they started but I am much happier with how they look now. I would be a bit creeped out if these guys were scattered all over my house.

Nakiah drove Mickey's car for awhile...

After lunch we made it to the Jungle Cruise...

Then I decided to do something really special. These kids were being so good and needed a treat! So we stopped by the Gibson Ice Cream Parlor and went to cool down in the Mickey Theatre. Someone liked it...
She was too excited to eat her ice cream because there were six different screens playing classic Mickey films. She squeeled with glee and pointed at all of the characters. (For the record the classic Donald is pretty weird looking too. And I learned that Mickey was a bit of a trouble maker back in the day) We had never gone in and now we will have to make it part of the routine.

Even the movie posters are fantastic...

Well, that was pretty much it. Now I can wait for about a week before the burning desire to go again sets in. 

Oh...for those of you who have wondered where I have been, thank you for noticing. AND. I was in St. Louis for my cousins wedding. I didn't have any internet but I did take a lot of photos and will be telling you more than you really want to know about it soon.

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  1. We were at Disneyland at the same time?!?! How funny is that! I agree - it's such a magical place. And yeah, you don't miss out on much during the summer months.... even with a pass I still avoid it during July and August. These next few months are the BEST! With the Halloween decorations and all. Sigh. I love Disneyland :)