Friday, August 12, 2011

Gaggles of Giggles

Not much going on around here lately. My hand hurts pretty bad and my foot is taking it's sweet time to heal after sad summer dryness and not even a lot of running going on. Just a lot of the same chores over and over and over. Dishes, laundry, vacuum, repeat.

But to break up the monotony of summer to-do's there is Evareaux. She is cuter by the day and always engages us in hours upon hours of gleeful giggles. I swear her sweet happiness is contagious and it spreads like wild fire around the house.

Every morning and every night she makes her way into our giant California King to play for awhile. This usually consists of...rolling over the top of up back and forth like a baby steam roller...hiding under the covers....dancing Minnie's around us...flinging her legs around as hard as possible...and jumping up and down like a lunatic.  All the while giggling her fool head off.

I have to say I enjoy every single second of this time (even though sometimes I DO get kicked in the face). I would gladly do mountains of dishes, laundry and vacuuming if it meant spending all of my spare time giggling with this little girl.

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