Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good Mail Day

You've heard of a good hair day, I'm sure.  Well, I rarely experience those.  But today I had a good mail day and that is something worth talking about. Remember when I told you about those tiny little internet purchases I made on my birthday? Well, guess what came in the mail today?...
What could this be? Any guesses?
No, it is not sausage, guess again...

It's my washi/decorative tape rolls!!!!
Aren't they adorable?
I love, love, love them. 

The cutest Pebbles Inc. paper

Crate Paper Collection

American Crafts...and a summer journal card sheet.

Speaking of summer journals...I had so much fun making one for my bug that I decided to go ahead and make another for myself as well. Here is a sneak peak...

Ok, so I'm just showing off the spine here, but doesn't it look perfectly placed next to some of my supplies?  I love it already. Recognize the pattern?--It's that new tape.  So cute, I can't get over it.  This may be the start to a new relationship. Me and decorative tape, BCFF (Best Craft Friends Forever).


  1. Love the papers and the cutest tapes! Have fun creating!

  2. Thanks! I have so many ideas I can't wait to show you.