Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mrs. Bright Side

Here I am fresh off of an extended family vacation and I'm not gonna lie....
-I am tired.
-I haven't even BEGUN to do the 8 loads of laundry from the trip.
-I can hardly bring myself to unpack.
-I don't really feel like I got a chance to relax and rest.
-There is no food in the fridge. Just spoiled milk, YUCK!
-Planning activities for 14 people was harder than I thought.
-There are lots of things we didn't factor in when renting a cabin.
-Road trips are a lot less fun with a choc full car.
-4 flights of stairs+2 less than toddler proof balconies=STRESS!
-Despite my good intentions it's hard to keep everyone in such a large family happy.
-Since suffering from Vertigo I get carsick. REALLY carsick.
-Altitude sucks.

Even though our vacation was not exactly what we thought it would be...and things got stressful, and challenging and all of that...There were also quite a few good times. So many in fact that my husband talked everyone into extending our stay by one day.

Cheers to convenient 7-11 trips. This makes everything sweet.

She actually got to have her own on this trip. Banana flavored.

My husband impressing the boat driver with his first time wake boarding skills.

I did say it was his first time, right?

My son giving it a try and listening intently to the lesson.

He was actually able to ride a couple of times. So cool!
I love that he just went for it.

Thumbs up to signal "faster."

 Believe it or not they actually held on through this.
But it is funny to see their feet in the air.

 LOVING the speed and adrenaline filled ride.

 They kept showing off and posing during the ride, like it was no big deal.

So the driver showed them who is boss.

Evareaux and I on the pontoon boat while the boys went to the cable park.
 At first she fought the jacket and threw a fit about it.

Once Ev got over it she started to enjoy the ride...and driving the boat...
and pee-d all over Uncle Alan's lap. (Whoops, sorry about that!)

By the end of the hour she was ready to "paddle, paddle, paddle," for herself.

A local showed all of us the crawdads he caught in a trap.
Evareaux wanted to look but not touch.

There were also a lot more great things that I didn't capture...
Game time for the adults.
Good food.
Great drinks.
Getting a workout on the stairs.
Packing enough to share.
"Water" Pong & making up a song.
Evareaux sleeping through the night in her playpen.
Tater, the cutest dog EVER.
Laughing so hard I thought I would cry.
Only having to punish my child once.
Blaming the altitude for everything from bloody noses to spicy food.

I would change a lot of things about this trip. But at the same time I appreciate that we were able to come together and spend a week away. Now we know what improvements to make for next time....the bright side is that our family is already talking about "next time".

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