Friday, July 8, 2011

City Slickers in Saddles

We went on an adventure this Wednesday to Irvine Park. The highlight for me was getting the kids on a trot horse and pony. It was fun to see them experience these animals for the first time.

Here is Nakiah riding Bob...
Not quite sure why he was holding back a smile. Maybe he was nervous about riding for the first time. Put your foot in the stirrup kid!

Oh, there it is, a SMILE! This is just before the horse started to trot. Boy, I tell you what, it sure was a good thing that he was strapped to the saddle because he was bouncing around like crazy. There I was on the sideline giggling and snapping photos. Let's just say he is not a natural. With a long line of cowboys and girls in the family it was nice for this California kid to get a taste of his roots.

I guess he liked Bob the horse but not necessarily riding him. We heard him say, "man my butt hurts," several times throughout the day. 

And then it was Evareaux's turn...
She rode a pony named Cinderella and was lead carefully by Daddy.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous about this. When I was little I was put on a pony that went rogue, bit all of the horses around it, and ran away with me. I was glad to see that it was a very structured and safe environment for my baby. (Although the directors do make sure to tell you to stay at least 10 feet from other ponies...I think maybe they are just biters by nature.)

Do you think she liked it? She was relaxed and smiling so big. I think she would have rode all day if we let her.

Hopefully she won't ask for a pony for Christmas, because I don't think we could fit one on our patio. :)

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