Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Bear Trippin'

Coming to you from Big Bear Lake, CA. We are on a getaway with my husbands family. So I have to work quickly blog-wise.

Here are a few snippets of our trip so far. These first few are from the car on the way up...
Since having Evareaux I've decided we have seriously outgrown my Ravioli (it's what I named my Toyota Rav-4). Especially for road trips of any kind. We were all smooshed in sardine style with our necessities like food for 14 and guitars and such. We even had a bag strapped to the roof.

Ev enjoying a treat on the road. The ears just couldn't be left behind....Sometimes I wonder if she just assumes every time we all hop in the car that we must be going to Disneyland.

That's me. I always feel the urge to put my feet up on the dash. Doesn't matter what car I'm in. Luckily it doesn't bother my husband, so I do it every time. Traffic flowed nicely for Southern California. Yay for that!

Me again. Hello.

Here are some snapshots of our various activities...
 I know the quality isn't that great, but her face here cracks me up. Like, "are we having fun yet?"

 Another funny face for her. 

We rode the ski lift up and did a thing called Alpine Slides. You sit in a plastic sled with a big hand brake/accelerator and race down a long concrete trail. It can move pretty fast & is a lot of fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy it...even Ev got to go!

 Then off to the waterslide just next door. We had to pay per ride, but it was so worth it because the boys and cousins had so much fun.
The only downside being that Ev had to sit on the sidelines & overheat.
She kept saying, "water? Water? Minnie, water?"

Here is one of my nephew, Dylan.
 I always feel a little strange about including photos of any children that aren't mine on this blog. (I always ask for permission first.) But this one is just too cute. He has such a soft spot for her & is always making sure she is happy.

Then there is this one of my niece, Cortney...Can you say dog pile?
SO stinking adorable! Those are her dogs Gretchen (the Italian Greyhound) and Tater (the CUTEST dog on the PLANET). After our first day they all just kinda passed out.

Here's a shot from the zoo...

And a view from our aptly named cabin...."Amazing View Home."

So that is it so far... Gotta get back to trippin'.


  1. that dog pile is too darn cute! thanks for stopping by my blog. So cool that you're a sign artist!! i used to work as a cashier at publix in high school and wanted to draw their signs, but they already had someone doing it.

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog Amy! I am such a huge fan of yours & am LOVING your new AC line. I can NOT WAIT to get my hands on those goodies. Being a sign artist is pretty cool but what I really want to be when I grow up is a pro-scrapbooker. =)