Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pity Party for One

Pardon me for the third non-scrappy post in row, and pardon me for being a little down in the dumps. I figure if I just get it out here then I can move forward with life.

Hotties parents were here visiting over the past week. It was awesome. I love those two to death. They take the kids geocaching, love to take in the sights, watch lots of movie, and spoil Snicklefritz rotten. They're seriously two of the easiest people to be around. Having them visit is like a breath of fresh air, I just love it. 

Then that time comes when they need to go. The only bad part about family visiting is the leaving part. I can usually tolerate being so isolated from family on any given day (the exception being holidays)… but after a visit the sadness is palpable. That longing to have them more often in our lives. I know my kids will still hold their grandparents close and feel connected to and loved by them. It was the same for me as a kid.. I only saw my extended family members once a year and they are to this day some of my favorite people on the planet (and in heaven). It just stings that we can't be in each others regular lives. It always takes me a few days to deal with that aching and longing to fill the family gap. 

The crazy part is that even if we wanted to be near our family members it would be impossible to include everyone anyway. We are all over the place. The majority of Hotties family has made their way to Colorado, with the exception of his Dad and Step-siblings still in SoCal. My family, forget about it! I have California, Oregon, South Dakota, and on and on. It's just part of our reality, but that doesn't make it any easier. And traveling to visit such a spread out group with all 6 of us? Not really happening. It breaks my heart.

Anyway. That's what's on my mind today. This is very typical after a visit for me. My heart will he heavy for the next few days and then I'll get so busy I won't notice it… until I see some grandparents pick up a child from Evs preschool, or overhear sisters checking out the latest target deals together… then I'll just hug my kids and husband close and appreciate what I have in front of me right now… and I'll look forward to the next time I can see everyone else. That's really all I can do. 

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  1. Hey there Elizabeth - from a grandparent standpoint, it is extremely bittersweet when it comes time to leave my beautiful, sweet, giggly, loving granddaughters. I know that I should be so grateful to have been with them but I just can't help but be so sad since I never know for sure when I will get to go to AZ again or that they will come to UT! So know that you are extremely blessed to have had your children's grandparents there with them and look forward to the next time you will possibly see them!! Just know that I understand and I appreciate your sharing!!