Thursday, July 17, 2014

Life Is Better With You

Here with a layout today! Woo hoo! This was my first little dabble in using Project Life cards on a layout. I do this quite frequently now because I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. It also just so happens to be all American Crafts (except for the ink). 

Also, sorry for the yucky pictures. They really don't do the page justice. I've been wanting to share this project for some time now but the poor photo quality was keeping me from doing that. Then I went to look for the actual layout to redo them and it's lost somewhere in my sea of scrapbooks. It's making me think I should have some sort of organization system for my pages… but the more I think about that the more my brain explodes. So yeah, probably not. Gray photos it is. ;)


  1. Looks great - love the arrow pointing to the picture indicating who life is better because of - I love your dedication to your family! Awesome YOU - awesome layout!!

  2. Wow, this layout is stunning! Thanks for sharing!