Sunday, July 27, 2014

Signature Style

It was Signature Style week on the American Crafts blog. This was my next to last assignment (insert teary eyes here) and it rounds out my term perfectly because my very first one was the same thing! Back in August of last year when I was asked to create two projects to showcase my "signature style" I remember feeling all kerfluffled… signature style?? what IS my style?? I was nervous and didn't really even know where to start. 

The coolest thing about being on the American Crafts Design Team (well, there are a LOT of cool things) is that while designing for them I began to develop one without even thinking about it. Before that I suppose I had a vague approach. My time with AC really pushed me to focus and hone in on what makes my projects special. So when Paige emailed me with this task I grinned and immediately went to work. No second guessing, no himming and hawing… I just pulled out some fresh photos, my favorite products, and created. 

This is my style…

Lots of layers, bright and bold uses of color, sprinkling of embellishments across the page. That's me. I like to mix textures and different lines together.

It's been such a wonderful privilege to be on this team (I'll go more into this later, since I technically still have another assignment). Developing my signature style.. something that I can actually see when I flip through a scrapbook now… has been so cool. I'm proud that it's unique to me. :)


  1. I love your signature style - you are incredibly unique and oh, so talented!! I love the heart and tender feelings your layouts portray!! You are simply awesome!!

  2. Fantastic layouts, Elizabeth! It has been great to be on this team with you!

  3. Beautiful pages! I've enjoyed being on the team with you and being inspired by you.