Friday, May 16, 2014

Me Series: May

This month is all about overachieving.. at least in the scrappy sense. For some reason I am super burned out on most other aspects of life but the scrapbooking is full steam ahead. I'm already done with all of my AC assignments and last months project life. As with everything this has an eb and flow so I will take what I can get and be happy about it! Maybe next month I'll burn out with scrapping and become super amazing at parenting (but who are we kidding, probably not.). ;)

 Since I'm right on top of my duties this month I've even gone ahead and completed my ME page…

The colors on this layout are a bit of a departure for me since I typically gravitate toward bright, vivid ones... but it works and I'm happy with how they came together. I'm having fun with the freedom of these pages. I just print out a photo and start sifting through my plethora of supplies until I find something that suits my fancy and go from there. It's a cool excuse to finally use up random bits that have been in my stash for like, forever, like these black cloud accents and die cuts. 

If you want to see some of the other pages I've made for this series, or read more about why I'm doing it, here are some links...

Wow! That's a whole lot of me!! 5 months worth! And in the next couple of days you'll hear even more about me because I've been nominated for the Liebster Award and I'll share all about what that is! (please come back, I promise it's not just about me.. but other awesome people too.) :)

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  1. I think it is really important as the scrapper of the memories to include pages about ourselves in there now and then. Good for you - this age is exceptionally well done!!