Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Who's ready for Summer? After a Winter (are seasons supposed to be capitalized? I have no idea. oh well.) like we had I'm sure everyone would just kill me if they knew I was kinda dreading it. Although I'm looking forward to more sunshine, slurpees, time in the water, etc… I'm not looking forward to the kids home all day (sorry kids), the heat (I have a feeling it gets ridiculously humid here), and the bugs.

BUT! I am looking forward to vacations (please! can we schedule a vacation, or two?!) and I usually take some pretty cool photos during Summer (ok. now I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to capitalize seasons. huh.)... so I always have a lot to scrap.

Anyway. blah blah blabbering today. What I really meant to say is that it's #SUMMER week on the American Crafts Blog and you can check out two of my projects that were posted there yesterday. There's also a cool giveaway going on (they just LOVE to give stuff away!). I'm loving all of the bright, vibrant colors of this line, right up my alley… here are my projects...

aaaaaand. I promise I'll write about my roller derby bout. I was kinda hoping that I'd have some photos to share but I guess it takes awhile for them to be edited….. so I'll hold out a bit longer. I can tell you it was an AWESOME game. I had so much fun and am even more in love with the sport than I was before! ah. so FUN. 

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