Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Me Series: February

Still managing to keep up with this one page about me/month thing. (I say that like it's some feat, but really it's only February. ha.) Kinda loving the easy breezy aspect of it… no pressure on when to get it done, as long as it's in the month somewhere… no worries about what to write, it's just whatever or however I'm feeling the day I make the page… I share as little or much as I want… and use whatever products I'm drawn to at the moment. It's lovely to do some just for fun pages, especially when they help contribute to a goal like this of 12 pages about me by the end of the year. 

The only real challenges with this series so far are that I'm still not loving photos of me so I tend to make goofy or pissy faces in them (whatevs, that's just me I guess)… and that life right now is still a bit of the pits (although I'm handling it much better and there are things on the horizon that I *think* I can look forward to, finally). But that's ok because the point of doing this for me is that I have these pages that look back over the past year and show what I was thinking/feeling/doing at any given time. All about me, good, bad, ugly. My story is there just like all of the others. :)

Here's the link to my other page in the series so far. 


  1. Awesome layout! I really like the framing around the two photos and the journaling cute!

  2. Wondeful! Love your journal bit and photos too :)