Monday, February 17, 2014

Dezi & Evie

It's been fun watching the connection between these two. They are three years apart and have been inseparable from the beginning. I'll admit, when I was pregnant with Dez I was concerned about what the dynamic might be between them… but it turns out they are like built in best friends. She whispers secrets in his ears and he laughs most heartily at her shenanigans. It seems like the ideal age gap.

(Layout published in November issue of Scrapbook Trends.)

Evareaux even tries to convince me that he doesn't want a nap just so that she can hang out with him more, it's pretty cool. Nowadays they are closer than ever, always by each others side… sometimes even sitting right on top of each other.

I took these photos just this morning and it's a very common scene… now Fritz gets in the mix too to  lavish puppy kisses on them (licking banana off of pajamas and stealing pacifiers). I look forward to watching these relationships develop even more. Just can't help but smile when I think about them.

(Please excuse the mess and crutches in the background. I am still very gimpy, and also, this is real life.) :)

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