Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So I made this layout about an outing with just me and the kiddos last September. I just had to laugh looking back because they were SO DANG ROTTEN during the whole trip! …

Yeah well, seasons change but some things stay the same. I mean I love them to bits but they are working my last nerve lately! I think it's a combination of the endless snow limiting our ability to go out and play, the tight living quarters, the general stress I'm under right now…. aaaaand, maybe the fact that I'm not very mobile right now which makes doing anything for/with them taxing… snow days and long weekends (thank you, 5 days off for Presidents Day) are not helping either.. nor is the fact that Ev is still not in a new Preschool yet. Grrr. I'm up to here with these rotten children! Anyone else feel my pain?! (Not my knee pain, my high maintenance children pain.)

#alldaylong #goodthinghescute ;)

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