Monday, February 24, 2014

Winner Winner Dancing Dinner

Ok ya'll, I promised (another) dancing video for you to giggle at on this Monday morn… it's ok to be impressed, I'm pretty much the coolest. Also you get to hear my Nakiah (cameraman) laugh at me and with me and a very obvious Mom shush (my specialty) (I'm like a pro shush-er at this point).  

Disclamer: No torn MCL's were further damaged during the making of this video… thank you, chair dancing, for allowing me to still get my groove on in a safe and very silly way.

and the real reason you're here… a winner!

Congrats to randomly drawn:

Lisa's Creative Niche

Who said:

"Oh I def think another video is in order hehehehe! Beautiful layout! And so happy to be a follower!"

So you can all blame her for the video (enabler). ;) Lisa, please email your address to me at so I can send along the prize!

and if you have two more minutes of time to waste, and since I haven't done enough already to scar my children…. (everything he knows he learned from his Mother.


  1. Yesssssss! This was by far the best way to find out you have won something! Love it! My kids also enjoyed both videos and your son has some sweet moves. We then had our own dance party woot woot! Thanks so much!

  2. Bahahahhaha!! You are so funny!
    Those are some great moves ;) You all have a lot more courage than I do that's for sure!!
    Thanks for sharing.