Saturday, October 19, 2013

this is how I roll: Quick Layout Edition

I'm finding more and more with Hottie out of town (Jesus take the wheel. Seriously. More on this later.) that I have to find little 5 minute snippets of time for scrapping.... especially since I have to keep putting allllll of my stuff (clutter) away every time the house gets shown. (and half of it is currently in boxes in the garage) 

Generally I consider myself a fairly tidy crafter. I make my creative mess while in the middle of a project but promptly put away everything all neat and in it's place once I'm done. Sometimes a layout will take a few days and it just sits on my desk, waiting for completion, in the middle of what might look like a product explosion. Not anymore. Now I'm at the mercy of potential house buyers (puh-leeeze someone buy my house!!). So it's extra important that if I start something I need to finish it, pronto... 

I did this one, start to finish during a 35 minute time span when Ev was at preschool and Dez was taking his morning nap (the stars aligned for that one!).... 

The cool thing about completing a layout in this short amount of time is that there isn't a lot of time spent second guessing yourself. No, "oh, do I like my title better here? Or there? Maybe I need a different font. Where is that yellow washi?" --ain't nobody got time fo dat.... at least not me, right now. I'm actually pleased with the outcome. To be honest even if I had more time I don't know that I would change anything.... except maybe getting the date on the sticker right (since these photos were taken in 2012) ;) Have you scrapped fast lately?

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  1. Love it! I definitely need to learn speedy scrapping! Adorable layout!