Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mr. Snicklefritz

I thought it was about time for an update on our little (not so little) pup. Fritz is now almost 6 months old. He's a really good dog, and too smart for his own good.. or maybe too smart for our good. He's mostly behaved with the kids. Although when they (Evareaux) see him they get a bit over excited (Evareaux) and run across the room like a wild animal (Evareaux) with their arms flailing, screaming and giggling (Evareaux).. this make him do the same thing... minus the screaming and arm flailing... and it usually results in someone getting nipped in the butt (Evareaux)... then someone getting yelled at (Evareaux and Fritz)

So we decided that it was a good time to start puppy training. (I mean, why not? With Hottie out of town for 5-7 days at a time, whats one more thing on my plate?) (!!!!!!) But really, he needs it, and even though I don't feel all that excited or capable of working diligently with Fritz I know if I put the time in now I will be happy down the line. 

So we called a company that comes to your house to work with you and your pet and I have to say... they. are. incredible. Our trainer (I say, "our" because I am fully aware she is training me even more than Fritz) was here for 3 hours yesterday. After she left I felt a little overwhelmed and like I sounded ridiculous while saying, "bahhhhhh," in a growling tone at Fritz... but after working with him last night I was shocked at the strides he was already making.

I'm excited at the things this means for our family, and for our little puppy.

and this will even mean no more Weim crime.... 

I promise to share the company we are using (as it's a national company that some of you may be interested in using) after some time, and our 4 initial visits, has passed. The proof is in the pudding so I have to first make sure that Fritz and I can train each other I can train Fritz and keep him that way. :)

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