Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In the Mood

I'm in the moooooood (said like a ghost) to spooooooooook. hu-huhuhuhuh (evil laugh). Too bad the weather isn't going to cooperate! Last year we almost froze our sparkle shoes right off, this year there is supposed to be crazy storms and tornado watches. So unless we feel like going to Halloween as Dorothy we should stay indoors. Apparently terrible weather for the 31st is no new news here... the city decides when you are "allowed" to trick or treat and there's a chance they are going to postpone it until Friday. Postpone Halloween? Kinda feels like calling off Christmas... I mean, how weird is that?! ---Maybe it's not so weird in some cities, but this SoCal family wants it's candy.. I mean, er, the kids just wanna have fu-un. ehhhhhheheheheheheh (evil witch cackle). My fingers hurt from sprucing up a costume I ordered in the mail that Ev deemed too, "lame," today --and now it's, "coooool."So either way we are ready to get our treats.

And here's a Halloween layout...

I'm also in the mood to eat an entire tray of my famous caramel apple dip. Mmmm.
The End

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