Saturday, October 12, 2013

Project Life Baby Album

I did it! I finished Dezmond's baby photo album. The fact that he has a completed one, as the fourth child, and my others don't is a bit funny to me. (I plan on fixing this in due time.) I owe it all to the Project Life format of scrapbooking. It makes putting things into an album quick, painless, and certainly less intimidating... 

I will say that once I printed out a years worth of photos and started the undertaking of organizing them into chronological order I thought, oh boy, this will take forever.. but once I completed that task the rest came together easily.

I pulled some supplies together along with my baby core kit and hit the ground running.

Project Life is actually intended to be a simple, bare minimum version (you can hear creator Becky Higgins intention here).. I take it up a little notch when I do it. I like to add embellishments here and there, alter journal cards, throw in a bit of texture... I do think her kits are an easy jumping off point, and they help keep continuity in an album, so I always start with them. 

For this particular book I kept things super simple. In the interest of completing the project, but also because I don't want an album full of cheesy trends and things that I would look back on years from now and feel silly about. This was all about the journaling and capturing Dezi's first year in a way that felt organic, complete, and most importantly, heartfelt.

So here are some (too many probably, sorry for photo overload) peeks into his album...

So that's it! What do you think? 

I also want to say, I know I probably sound like a commercial for Project Life, but I'm actually not affiliated with it in any way. (although it is my dream to be, one day) I just really believe that simplifying the scrapbooking process helps get it done, and I'm all about that... especially for this kind of project. This method also allows the photos to be the star as well as opening up spaces to add journaling, notes to baby, milestones recorded, all of the important stuff. It can all happen in one place, and it can all be completed in a weekend if you so desire... that is pretty cool.


  1. Very practical and cute, this is the first baby album I saw in this format, looks awesome!

  2. I see you have some of the Maggie Holmes collection there. I have that too. Brilliant. Love your little banners. Must say you have one happy baby there.

  3. Job well done! Start the PL method with the other albums even if there already in progress, start adding PL protectors and carry on!

  4. What a treasure for Dezmond to have! So wonderful!