Friday, October 25, 2013

Let's Swing

Around these parts we choose which park we're going to visit based on what type of swings it offers. My kids LOVE to swing. They are nuts for it. So naturally I have lots and lots of photos of them doing so....

I'm sure all too soon I'll be looking back on these days with a longing for the time when they would beg me to keep pushing, "higher, higher, high up to the sky, high as it goes Mom!"....
It struck me that I should scrap their favorite activity....

These swing excursions are so funny because Dez is usually perfectly happy hanging out in his stroller while Ev switches from the big girl swings to the baby ones like Goldi-locks. She has yet to find the perfect fit since she finds that the big ones are hard to hold on to, and while she doesn't want to be seen as a baby, she realizes that I will push her MUCH higher in the baby swings.

Then at some point she'll instruct me that Dezmond needs to swing too. "He really, really wants to Mom!"--she points towards him and he just looks at me like, huh? me? what are we talking about?-- So of course I comply and she gives up the baby seat to him (now that's love)... then she tells me I'm not pushing either of them high enough.... he giggles his head off. I push harder but get nervous that they are both going to fall out..... but then I figure if they do at least they'll learn the importance of holding on. ;)

sometimes Nakiah gets in the mix when I drag him to the park as well. He fluctuates between helping push (MOooooM. Do I have to?!) and teaching Ev how to pump her legs. Then he hops in one himself, goes so high he makes the set shake and flings himself off of the thing at top speed.. Sometimes landing on his feet.. Sometimes, not. So that's how it goes. Swings for the win.

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  1. Ruby loves the swings too. I usually try to get her to do other things like run around and climbing (thus burning more energy, at least I thing it burns more energy than swinging...) but she insists on the swings. Once she is done with one she wants to switch to another OR she'll want to turn around and face the other direction, lol. Of course I never push her high enough even though I'm cringing every time I push her! She's only fallen off once so far.