Sunday, June 23, 2013

Puppy's First Day

Meet Mr. Snicklefritz McGee.

You can call him Fritz.

We were so excited to welcome him into the family that we ended up getting him a whole day early.

It's so strange and overwhelming to have an animal in the house. Like I said before, I diligently read all of the puppy training materials I could get my hands on... and bought all of the necessary items in preparation for his arrival..... but I can't help but feel like... what the heck was I thinking?! a PUPPY!? I really have no idea what I am doing, people! (Maybe we should have started with a rabbit or a cat or something more our speed like a turtle.)

Last night was his first night home and he did ok. He whined and cried most of the night away (which I know is totally normal since he is adjusting and missing his family). He went potty outside. He slept in his crate (a little). He kept Hottie and I up all night. I quickly began to wonder how long this whiny phase lasts and if I am doing absolutely every single thing wrong. (I, of course, convince myself I am.) 

This morning the kids got up extra early (how they slept through all of his racket is beyond me, but I thank my lucky stars.) and wanted to be involved in every little thing puppy. "I wanna take him outside!" "Can I teach him to sit?" "Why won't he climb in my lap?" "I think he has to pee!" Although I am happy they want to help out I can't help but think this would be much easier if I could do it alone. Alas, we are one big happy family. So we will do it together. And it will be a never ending test of my patience and confidence that we can do this puppy raising thing. (Can we actually pull this off? Because I'm not so sure!)


  1. He is so adorable! Ruby is in LOVE with any and all puppies that she comes across. I have had to chase her several times as she'll just take off and run across the park (or wherever) to get to a dog. My friends keep harassing me to get her one but with three cats and no fenced in yard-it's not happening!

    Good luck with adjusting to puppy life. I bet in a few weeks things will be right as rain :)

  2. What a cool name Mr. Snicklefritz McGee is! :D How is he coping in his new family? It's nice to hear that everyone's excited to play with him, give him an exercise and the sort. However, do not be too tolerant. I know it's hard when they start giving you those puppy eyes, but once you notice unfavorable habits – jumping on people, chewing, biting, inappropriate urination - give them the proper training and punishment. He'll certainly grow a lovable dog! :)