Monday, May 6, 2013

Canon Selphy CP900

I told ya'll I'd give you a Selphy Printer review and here it is! I first found out about this printer by reading Elizabeth Kartchners blog. She even did a neat little video showing how it works. (Yes, I blog stalk her... yes, I admit I kinda wish I was her... she's pretty cool.) Anyway. I'm always on the hunt for the latest and greatest camera/printer gadgets... and when I stumble on something portable, efficient, and good quality I jump for joy.

The Selphy hits all three marks and is pretty cost effective, in my opinion, as well. It runs at about $74 for the printer and then $27 for enough ink and paper for 108 4x6 prints.

I was also totally thrilled when I learned that you can use the Selphy wirelessly. In other words an Instagram crazy person like myself (1473 photos thus far. Follow me at Elz10) can place photos from my camera roll (from my iPhone) into this little app (PicFrame at 3:2 ration) and then viola, sized out and ready to print (using the Canon iEPP app).

See here, my phone telling the printer to print....

The printing itself takes seconds.... and it's fun to watch too. The paper goes back and forth layering different colors on top. It's pretty quiet, easy to use, and looks cute on the shelf in your scrap cave...

You can also send multiple sheets to print at one time...

Look at all the fun I'm having playing with sizes. I love that I can print out any photo, any time I want with such little effort...

Overall I say: BUY IT! (All the cool kids are doing it... you know you want to. and It's easy to use... a monkey could do it... especially if that monkey has her husband set up the wireless part.)


  1. I'm curious where you got yours? I haven't seen them around me. Also, do you know yet if the photos hold their color well for a longer period of time (not sure how long you've had yours!)? Lastly, look how great you look in that cute denim dress! Love it!

  2. Melissa I got mine on Amazon. I've had it for over a month now and the photos I originally printed out look exactly the same but I'm not sure what they will look like a year from now... maybe check some of the reviews on Amazon first? And thank you!!! :)

  3. Love your blog. I just ordered my Selphy or an upcoming vacation. Are all of your pics you printed using the picframe app? I noticed some are not instagram, but closer to 3x4. I'm hoping it does both. :)