Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Patty Cakes

This kid loves a good game of patty cakes. He giggles, and giggles, and giggles....

PS- Hopefully you just ignored the fact that my hair looks like absolute hell.... it's been quite a week... and it's only Wednesday. :) Not letting the way I feel about my hair in these photos keep me from posting them. Instead I am just proud of myself for handing over the camera to Nakiah (who does a great job playing photographer, by the way) so he could snap some of me interacting with the babe while playing his favorite game.


  1. OMG..these are the cutest pictures ever!!! Your hair looks great - and the two of you together..just beautiful! He's getting big!

  2. Nakiah did threat job capturing playtime with Mommy! Years from now these will the photos you cherish most so don't worry about your looks. He IS growing so fast and he's. Such a cute little guy!