Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's A Wrap

Do you have a baby? (Or need a gift for someone who does?)
Do you need a way to carry that baby?
Do you have $13?
Do you have 1/2 hour?

Well, I have a big surprise for you. You can make your very own baby carrier/wrap (think Moby knock off) for less that 13 bucks. Whaaaaaaaaat?

(This is what it looks like when your infant is trying to escape the wrap because he is hungry and smelled a boob.)

What's that? You say you're not much of a DIY-er? -don't you worry.

All you need is 5 yards of jersey knit fabric. (This sounds like a S-ton of fabric, and it is.. but trust me that is the length you need... don't be a cheap skate like I was tempted to be and think, "hey, if I get a yard less I can save 3 more dollars....")

(this is what a s***-ton of fabric looks like)

So once you get the fabric (mine was $6.99 per yard at Hobb to the Lobb and then I used a 40% off coupon. With a width of 48" you actually get two wraps out of this 5 yards... thus the $13 per wrap. Holla!)  You take it home and fold it in half length wise and cut that beast right down the middle. Now it's 5 yards by 24" wide. If your fabric is 60" then -bonus- you get 3 wraps! Cut it into 3 long pieces-- They only need to be 20 inches wide to fit the babe. So, give one to a knocked up friend,  keep one in your car, give one to Grandma and she can wonder what the heck this thing is for....

(this is what it looks like folded in half length wise after cutting.)

Ok. What you do next is....... strap the thing on and throw your kid inside! Seriously, you are done. Whaaaaaaaaa? I know, it's ridiculous. It probably took you less than 30 minutes from the time you hit the craft store to the time you first tucked your baby in like a little kangaroo.

Here is a tutorial on how to tie this wrap, so your wee one doesn't fall out. (Please make sure you place them in securely and that they have plenty of space to breath freely.)

Surprisingly comfy and easy to put on... 

Enjoy! I wonder what other baby items I can make myself for a fraction of the cost?....

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