Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Now and Then

Seized a chance to whip together a couple of Halloween layouts last week.... These are current photos of Ev from the day I decorated. She was all up in my business, but it was super cute because she was brimming over with excitement and asking about every single ghost, frankenstein, and pumpkin. She is so super excited about Halloween.... which should raise exponentially once she realizes she is actually going to get candy. I'm pretty certain she forgot that little detail from last year (maybe because the candy mysteriously disappeared?) Her mind is about to be blown.

And this is us from last year... all dressed up with somewhere to go.... Dr. Evil and Austin Powers. SO much fun taking on the characters... I hit on all the ladies, it was highly inappropriate.

Nakiah behind the mask (lucking Ev is not scared of anything in skeleton form... not sure why, she just calls them pirates.)...

Aidan the sorcerer. I'm guessing since he is knocking on 16's door he won't be trick or treating this year.... then again.... he does like candy.... we'll see what happens. The days of us buying him costumes are over so if he dresses up he'll have to be creative.

Ev was a Mickey Pumpkin... super cute to see her with her two grandparents, who are pumpkins every single year.

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  1. I am sure Mom and George will be rocking their pumpkins again this year. They said they are NOT in the pods. They are going with the kids and Chris....I think I am getting the dogs, though there is a rumor that Fred has a pumpkin costume.