Sunday, October 7, 2012

45 Minutes or Less

Can't believe I actually squeezed in some scrapping this weekend! Yes, I swapped much needed nap and cleaning time.... but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Sometimes I thank my lucky stars that I am a fast scrapper. Maybe it's all those years I spent being a professional artist for TJ's.... I am so used to completing projects and moving onto the next one lickety-split.

These two layouts were done in 30-45 minutes. Using kits like these two from Studio Calico helps speed up the process. Everything is already color co-ordianted and ready to go. I just choose a photo and start placing paper and embellishments....

For this one I wanted to use ink (My favorite is Sprinklers by October Afternoon) to play with the idea of paint splatters, like the subject of the photo...

using the Roller Rink Kit

So glad I made time to create a couple of layouts (even if I messed up on the journaling on one-- sleep deprived, anyone?). I HAVE to print out some new photos asap though, because I have so many ideas for scrapping Dez.... be forewarned, my other kids may start to seem like chopped liver... it's only natural when you have a newborn, right? He's inspiring me............ to go get some sleep. 


  1. I am seriously digging these layouts! Love the banners on the first and the paint/mist technique on the second is fab!

  2. Really great job in such short time! I'mloving the paint spatters and how you used different sized beads for some of the paint spots! It's a great way to add color AND dimension!