Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scraproom Makeover

Since we moved here in May I have been wanting to change the paint color in my office/studio/scraproom. There was really nothing wrong with it, except that it totally clashes with my color preferences and design aesthetic. That is a real inspiration buzz kill. So it was high time for a change. I tossed around the idea of some bold black and white wall paper or painting and I am so happy with my decision....

For chevron paint....

I want to show you how it went along the way.
First clearing out the furniture and supplies.
Taping off the ceiling, floor, and walls.

Painting with one color.
Two coats. Letting it dry over night.
(With Hottie's help.)(Mostly because I ran out of energy.)

Taping off the zig-zags. I used this tutorial I found on pinterest (thank you baby Jesus for pinterest.). It took all the guess work out of it. I used a level to make sure they were all perfectly lined up. Seriously, easier than you would think... tedious... but easy. Then went through and cut the overlapping tape pieces into perfect points.

Finally I painted on the other color....

& held my breath hoping that the tape would peel off seamlessly. 
So happy it did. Thrilled.

Here is one more look at the result up close...

Part of me can't believe how great this turned out. I've done murals before-- but never simply painted a room, so I was nervous... then to add the whole chevron element. Challenge, much? Yes indeed. I would encourage you to try it out if you've been wanting something new. But, maybe stick with an accent wall like I did because it really is time consuming and nerve wracking. 

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