Monday, August 20, 2012

Do Work

Forgot to show you the layout I made about being so kerfluffled the other day....
This is exactly the type of subject I like to scrapbook... how else will I be able to look back and remember what a freak I was?-- other than this 'ole blog that is. :)

Proud to say that this weekend I, we, have been getting stuff DONE! After my little blog (and real life) freak out it became clear that we just had to get to work. So I started with the small tasks while Hottie was still at work on Saturday... some everyday cleaning and laundry. The best part was washing some baby clothes and bedding in that wonderfully smelling Dreft detergent. 

The sight and smell makes me so happy, I can not even tell you. Folding these tiny little clothes and smelling them straight out of the dryer make my heart sing. And, I don't know about you, but it always feels so close to the baby arriving when I reach this step.... in the best way.

Sunday morning Hottie hit the ground running (without me even asking, which was so fantastic). He immediately went into the babe's room and started putting together the crib. Evareaux decided she wanted to try it out. She kept pointing at my belly and saying, "come on out here now baby." So cute.
People ask me if she knows whats going to happen soon. While I am sure she has no clue of the impact a sibling is going to have on her life, I am quite certain she understands that there will be a baby very soon... and he will live in this super cool rocket room.

After completing the crib he (finally, thank you baby Jesus) built the Ikea dresser. 

This made me so happy because it meant that I could place the prints and all of the other framed art around the room. I worked on assembling shelves and what felt like eight million dresser drawers (in fact 8 total).  Since I was smart enough earlier in the week to make a very special robot and rocket toy order online I even had the ability to place all of the little details in the room... these gems...

Good news is all I really have left now is painting the dresser cobalt blue (which Hottie swears can wait until last because it is in fact already blue).... and making curtains... and working on the corner mobile and robots... and finishing the bookshelf.... ok, it kinda sounds like a lot. But I am not panicking so much now. I have seen how much we are capable of getting done in a day. AND Hottie is off work today so I am confident we will continue to make a big dent. (He even pulled all the weeds, landscaped, and cut down part of a tree yesterday. Talk about getting S done!) Really the only thing that is on my mind now is buying all of the necessities, which I will probably do later today. I can't imagine how much better I will feel after doing that (huge bill or not) because I already feel pretty great.

Can't wait to share this nursery with you when it in completed. It will easily be the coolest room in the house, and I am already so proud of it. 

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