Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Creating Keepsakes Publication

I got an email from Creating Keepsakes the other day telling me to please share that their latest September/October issue is on news stands now!

  and my "Another Day at Minnie's" layout is published in there!

It always feels amazing to see your work in print. There is something so special about having it in the publications you admire and have followed for years. I never would have dreamed that last year when I made the goal, "get published in a scrapbook magazine," that it would lead to this. It seemed like a pipe dream. Now it's 11 layouts later and hopefully more to come because I am submitting like crazy. I can only hope it will lead to more work. I have really big goals and dreams for this industry. Scrapbooking has stollen my heart and captivated my attention. Thrilling to see where this could take me.... one day.

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