Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Messy Hair, Totally Cares

Whats up, ya'll? Long time no talk at! This happens when I have something very specific on my mind to write about but don't do it... well, I actually wrote a couple of really deep and honest blog posts but then wimped out and archived them. Soooooo. Here I am with a little surface, fun times, information instead... I changed my hair! (a sentence you will hear about 8 more times this year, I'm sure.)

When it's not filtered (as below) it looks indigo. Like right between able and purple. I LOVE it. I loved the purple too... especially when it was new and practically electric... but at least 6 other people I know have purple right now so I quickly itched to switch it up.

What do you think?! I'll be back soon with some projects to share. (Not sure I will find the cahonies to actually post my deep dark secret post.. but we shall see. You know I like to keep it real with you guys and this would be like, FOR REALZ.) But I will be back, for sure. Talk at you soon!


  1.'re back! LOVE your hair - you can pull off any color like no one else!

  2. I love all of your hair colors so much!!