Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Me Series 2016: February//March//April

 Hey! I haven't shared my Me Series page in like, forever. So why not do that today? I'm still loving this project... and the idea to use the same stamp//watercolors//color schemes for each month. Those elements tie the pages together and that's pretty cool. So here they are!


 I'm particularly excited about this layout. The watercoloring just turned out so cool! I was sort of experimenting with blending the colors and creating some sort of rainbow. Love it!

The background for March was made using the leftover egg dye we had...

So this is me, so far, and the pages I made about me. Things on the horizon: a big roller derby tournament (Beaver Fever) in Toronto, Canada. (That's right. I'm a pretty big deal. I skate internationally.) ;) Setting myself up to own my own company (What?! What did she just say? Bury the lead!) (Much more on this later.) Summer break with the kids (lord help me, baby Jesus, I can do this, I can do this, I can totally do this... sorry, sometimes life calls for a little pep talk.)

See you soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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