Monday, March 14, 2016

Art Auction For the Win

Every year my roller derby league holds an art auction.  (I wrote about last year here.We collect art donations and allow guests to bid silent auction style. There are drinks, a dj and a theme too. This year was flashback to the 80's... you should have seen the awesome outfits!! It's a super fun event, and I am so proud to be able to make things to donate and sell for the good of the league. (We need travel money!)

So here are things I made to make that money, honey!
String art. My favorite piece to date...

The colors make me happy.

Then I made these four watercolor paintings. I've dabbled in watercolor before.. but really only in terms of using it here and there for scrapbook layouts. Weird, huh? I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use this medium. I see a ton more watercolor endeavors in my future. These were just too fun to make..

Here's a bit of a better photo. Ignore the ink splatter (Thanks, kids, for ruining everything the piece.)

And here's me, acting a fool, as usual. I had a little Flashdance moment. Most people didn't recognize me with the wig. (YES it's a wig. Sheesh, people.)

I found this jacket for $1.99 and made Hottie do the Miami Vice thing.. nailing it.

I have some more thoughts to share about the evening and some reactions I had after seeing the photos from our photographer. Real talk that I want to make sure I take time to write about.. because this topic warrants it. So that is coming soon.


  1. I LOVE both! The string art is just freakin' awesome!

  2. Wow, I just found you via the Citrus Twist blog and saw your SKATE art in your Pocket page layout and thought about my roller derby loving daughter whose birthday is coming up. Inspired,I made my way to your blog only to find you are also a derby girl! So excited to follow you - great work btw - love everything I'm seeing, purple hair included!

    1. That is SO cool! Roller derby for everyone!! And if she ever wants a "portrait" of her skates, let me know! ;)