Friday, March 18, 2016

What a Character

Popping in quick today to post something else from our recent art auction. There was a guy there doing sketches and caricatures. He. was. Amazeballs. For reals. The proof is in the charcoal...

He pretty much nailed me in a matter of 2 minutes... as you can see in my photo. (except this is a photo carefully maneuvered so as not to feature my double chin. #selfietricks) and his sketch kinda makes me look like I need to poo.. but, maybe that was just my face. hehe.

He did this one of Hottie in literally 45 seconds. Told you! Amazeballs. (Those eyebrows make me giggle.)

This is one of those things I have to do if I see it offered.. kinda like photo booths. Just hop in and participate. Even if the dude captures your double chin or crooked nose it's all good. It's just another fun way to document you and remember the event. Yay artists! 

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