Saturday, January 16, 2016

I Still Sell String Art!!

Well I still do!
Here are some recent pieces I made...

This was for one of my friends. She gave me the best reaction when she saw it.. like it was better than she was hoping for. Makes me so dang happy. It's going to match her house perfectly.

This one is a decoration for our house during, you guessed it, Halloween. j/k, Thanksgiving.

This was a custom order for a customer. (sorry the photos suck.. my camera was acting up.) 

kind of loving the look of the rainbow string behind the bold black lettering.

These pieces are pretty rad before you even string them too. I'm considering doing one for my office with my One Little Word. Maybe rainbow-fied, maybe just nailed. 

and I might start doing pet portraits too! 
... sketched and watercolored this one in less than 30 minutes. 
Didn't even know I could do animals!
Let's hope this gets commissioned so I can play with it on canvas. 

So if you want custom string art or a pet portrait shoot an email my way. I'd be happy to work for you! Seriously, I will do whatever you want. I have such a good time making stuff.


  1. You're so cool. Have I told you that? I am inspired by all you create!