Wednesday, October 8, 2014


In a fashion true to form I made two layouts with the same title. again… at least this time one was spelled out and one was numerical. ;) Check it...

Some fun old school Sassafras on the on this one. Lotsa layers, including some actual crate paper, and a cute little bow tie...

Here's the other one…

Of course the very next day after I wrote that journaling my sweet little baby boy had a series of epic meltdowns. This should give you a clue of what I'm dealing with. 

In his defense I think he must not being feeling very well, it's been a couple of days of this… but come on! Can't a Mama get her Target shopping on? I mean, I brought you a snack and let you out of the cart, what else could you possibly want?!


  1. Wow these are awesome and what a cutie!!! Still sending positive vibes your way!!!

  2. What great layouts and such a fun cute two year old!! Hope things are going well for you - you are in my thoughts often!!