Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow Fuel

It's been snowing here off and on for over a week now which means two things… one. I'm very cold (and need to finally invest in some snow boots). two. I've been inside scrapping for a week straight practically non stop. Pretty much the only thing I've left the house for is roller derby (even lake effect can't keep me away from the track.) and Costco (to pick up more photo prints.)

The creative juices are flowing and I look forward to sharing what's been on my desk. Here's one of the projects….

Kinda don't mind if the snow continues because it's a great excuse to stay in and create… but then again, I'm not a big fan of snow days because it means the kiddos are all bugging me, being loud, and eating all of my food. Crossing my fingers for that sweet spot where theres snow but not so much that I have to shovel the driveway twice a day… looking outside and realizing that snowmaggedon part two may be upon us. hmmm. Time to hunker down with some American Crafts.

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