Monday, January 6, 2014


You know how people say everyone has a twin? Some random person in the world that looks just. like. them.? Well awhile back I was watching Dezmond in the bath and I kept thinking, who does he look like? He reminds me of someone… and then I put my finger on it…

 Bill freaking Murray.

It's seriously uncanny. The jaw, the unique smile, even the freaking eyebrows! Hottie says he doesn't see it at all but I can't stop finding the similarities… I mean you guys, it's not like he is doing his best Bill Murray impersonation… he doesn't even know who he is! (yet) The other crazy part is that my kid is all about the laughs, he's always trying to make us giggle.. so the similarities don't even stop at the looks!

I mean, come ON, are you with me?

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