Sunday, January 12, 2014

Project Life 2013 Wrap Up

I finished up 2013's Project Life this past week and I must say it feels amazing. I have completed two years worth of scrapping for my family, and didn't even miss a week. I'm especially proud of myself for  continuing with PL even though the last few months have been so rocky.. .and there were times when I sat down to document and thought, well this is not what I pictured. Times when I was tempted to skip weeks because they weren't as happy or fulfilled as others. But that's not real life… and I managed to find a way to put things in there, good and bad, without bringing the whole project down into a negative, depressing spiral (to match my mood). You might catch some glimpses of what I'm talking about. 

Here's the final pages...

I'm planning on continuing Project Life in 2014 since it's something I still look forward to doing each month (I typically will do 3-4 weeks worth at a time. It seems to work well for me). But I do have some goals with it this year… like trying to include the older boys and Hottie more. I find that these pages are dominated by the little two kids. I know that's because I spend the majority of my time with them and the boys are off in their own spaces doing their own thing, or in Aidans case, out with his friends… so I don't tend to take as many photos of them, because they just aren't "around.".. but I want to make an effort to capture glimpses into what they have going on too. It's important. And hey, maybe this will prompt me to try and involve the boys more in family things. Couldn't hurt, right?

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