Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This is How I Roll: Home Edition

Do you ever come across a quote or saying that is so totally dead on and true to life that you stop dead in your tracks and immediately picture it on a layout (anyone? anyone? just me? crickets?... ok. I am truly a scrap nerd.) This one did that to me.....

"Please excuse our mess, we live here."

Seems like no matter how hard I try our house ends up looking like some version of the photo above. I call it a "Toy-splosion." Or if it's really bad, "Toymageddon." Some days I try to keep up with it and, like groundhogs day, clean the same mess about five times over. Other days I just throw in the towel and blog about it instead. What can you do? Let the kids live a little.... and scrapbook.

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