Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Oscars

It's the night of the Academy Awards and usually I get very excited to tune in and see all of the stunning gowns and red carpet fodder. The pageantry. The host (Seth Macfarlane is going to be a fantastic fit--- people will be shocked at how good he is... mark my words). The frazzled and eloquent acceptance speeches. But tonight I just pushed the record button on my DVR so I could take it all in at some later time, when I have time (so, next moth, probably. or never.). Also I'm spoiled by that thing and love to fast forward through award shows like nobodys business. (and also, Hottie could not be less into watching things like this so I spare him. I'm such a good wife.)

Anyway. File this under things you don't really care or need to know about. haha. Really the only reason I even brought up the Oscars is because I dressed my boy up in a bow tie. It seemed like fitting attire for such a black tie affair....... 
that, and he's already grown out of it so it was time to snap some pics.

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