Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Must Love Dogs

It's love layout time. So this one's for my girl and a dog that we all wish was ours (Tater is THE cutest! and THE sweetest!) Truth be told, all of my kids could not love dogs more and I just know that it's really only a matter of time before we get one of our own. (ssssshhhhhh! don't tell them that! i'm not quite ready!)
*****Removed for Publication*****

I still want to add stitching on top of the tape to help frame the photo with my sewing machine. Does anyone else have a hard time sewing on their layouts? I have a stack of pages waiting to be sewn. Maybe it's because the only time I really get to scrap is while the littles are sawing logs..... why can't they make silent machines? or do they? am i missing the boat on something? or did i just come up with a great idea? hmmm. Well, I give you permission to steal this idea, manufacture it, and sell it to me. 

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