Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Miss the Girls

I'll admit it, I have not been the best Aunt lately. Among the many other things that I am not that great at. The problem is that I really really want to be a great one....dare I say, favorite? (Inside family joke, we all declare we are the "favorite.") Alas, I know it can not be, because I have been sucking at it lately. It's so so hard when you have three kids of your own going in three totally different directions at all times....excuses, excuses. Really when it comes down to it I have none. I should make an effort to travel the one hour it takes towards LA to see them....and I should do it soon. Because I really miss these girls. And they are growing up so fast.

At least I can admire the few photos I have of them and scrap away...

The first one is "We Are So Blessed." For my niece, Grace. It talks about the happiness I feel for being able to be a part of her incredible life...
Can't you just tell what an amazing little fireball she is by just looking at the photos? Love that kid.

Lot's of Echo Park Happy Days on this page. As well as stitching with the banner. I'm loving that line.

And here is "Gettin' Goofy" for a time far to long ago when the cousins all got together and wore funny glasses. (My sis used these glasses for her family photo on Christmas cards last year...too funny.)...
The little one on the left is Alexandra. I need to do a page just for her because I miss her to pieces. She has the sweetest demeanor, and dimples that could make a grown man crumble at her feet. Alex is as smart as a whip and I can't wait to see who she turns out to be one day.

For the title I wanted to recreate the glasses somehow. I found these awesome furry mustache stickers from Jolee's Boutique. Then I used capital "o's" and exclamation points from my glitter Thickers. For the bridge I cut the circle off of a comma and viola! Glasses!

Maybe one day they will think I am a pretty awesome Aunt for preserving my memories of them in this way. But for now I need to schedule a time when I can actually give them hugs and kisses and tell them just how much they mean to me.


  1. I love that banner on the Blessed layout and that mustache sticker is AWESOME!!!

  2. Thanks Paige. I have about 4 more 'staches and am trying to figure out more ways to use them! SO fun!