Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gone Running

Today is the day.
So exciting!
I am running the Disney Half Marathon.
Wish me luck.
I plan of crossing that finish line with time to spare.
And I will return and show you the medal.

Here is a layout called "Brand New Me," courtesy of running & running & running.
And more running.

Here's to hoping there will be many smiles like these today...

And NONE of the rain...


  1. How'd the race go?!? Anyone who can run more than a block is amazing in my book! I literally can run 10 feet before I get a stitch in my side...

  2. It was "AWE-SOME" (I always have to say that in my best Brooklyn accent). Seriously, if I can do it anyone can! It just takes training and dedication. I am editing the photos and will post about it soon. Thanks for asking!