Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Look! It's ME!

Nothing like a little shout out from Creating Keepsakes for one Elizabeth Gardner. (Picture me brushing the imaginary crumb off my shoulder.) Ha! Last night on facebook they posted a link to my hand made lollipop accent with a tutorial.  Check it out....scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see my name. Accent by: Elizabeth Gardener (so, they added an "e," ain't no thang.) ha!

Not sure what the code is here on showing you the layout I made with the accent on it since technically they now "own" the accent. So after I figure out how to show off that magical layout without breaking any golden rules I will do so. They did not publish it in the mag like originally intended. But, I feel really happy seeing the tutorial link on facebook. Any way I can get my name out there is great. I'll take it, extra "e" and all!

Also, you may or may not have already noticed (I'm guessing not, since you're not a freak like me)...I have a layout published in the October issue of Creating Keepsakes. It's in the "CK Sketches" column. I am in the process of asking for permission to post this one to my blog as well.  --Don't want to step on any toes here!

I can not tell you how amazing it is to see one of my pages in this magazine. It is a goal that I set for myself about seven months ago...and deep down I guess I wasn't really sure it would ever happen. Even so, I just went for it because I have always felt that in life it is better to try than not. Now here I am actively pursing more and more publication opportunities...and I even have a couple more on the way (Pinch me!). It feels so good to be recognized and placed amongst a community of people that I respect and admire so much (Not that I am even close to being on par with them, but at least now I can say I have shared the same pages as them).

I have actively followed this hobby for years and now am trying to make it something of a career. I feel so honored to have things just clicking...and I feel that the pages I have been making as of late are getting better and better. So, it's all good stuff happening!  And hopefully I will get permission to blog the photos of this stuff soon!


  1. Hey there! You won the prize on my blog for the American Crafts Blog Hop! See my blog for my email address :-)

  2. Thanks Paige! I'm scrapping my little heart out over here! :)