Saturday, June 4, 2011

C is for Curly

It's official.  My baby has curly hair...
I know that sounds silly to say. Wouldn't you think it would be easy to tell a little earlier than this? Not for this girl. Finally at the age of two (sigh, frowny face) she is getting hair.  This is her as a true "baby."
newborn Evareaux May
12 months. Still no hair!
Poor little bald baby.  During my pregnancy I couldn't help but wonder if she would have curly hair.  When she was born I thought, "finally, we'll get to see it."  No such luck. The mystery continued. I have more curls than I can handle...
So does her brother, Nakiah.  Here he is as a wee one. Now he is 9 (big sigh, extra frowny face).

Now it's clear the three of us share this special trait. Evareaux has the cutest little ringlets after a bath or particularly sweaty nap.  I could not love them more.  Hopefully she grows up loving her beautiful locks, wearing them wildly with pride.  They are so cute and wonderfully curly.

Here is a layout I did about another bond her and Nakiah share...
Aren't the little house puffies from Ki memories adorable? I have to get my hands on more of these...

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  1. I love having curly hair. It could be a bit more curly even. Cute, cute LO! I love your writing! So jealous. The houses are super cute too!