Wednesday, June 29, 2011

29 and Feeling Fine

Ok. So, I always make my kids hold up their age on their birthday. So I thought I would do it too, you know, just to be cute. Turns out...'s not really that cute. 
Hahaha, oh well.

I had such a great birthday a few days ago. Even though I didn't accomplish a lot of the things I wanted to in preparation... like a layout about me at 28, or a wish list, or party, or girls night, or any of the other 1,000 things I wanted to do.... it was still great. (By the way, don't judge about the mess in the background of these photos. I refuse to clean on my birthday... at least that is the excuse I am giving.)

We took the kiddos to Disneyland since our season passes are blocked out for the majority of the rest of the summer.  My goal was to get on the new Little Mermaid ride.  Mission accomplished, and we only had to wait 20 minutes.  That is a dream since typical waits for a new ride can easily be over an hour. The ride was seriously epic.  I loved it.  I even took some photos with my handy dandy iPhone, so I'll post those later.

After the baby tired out we decided to head home and relax.... but not before we headed to my new favorite scrap store. I wanted to pick up some goodies for upcoming design team submissions. 
Here is my loot...
Oh yeah, can't wait to work with this eye candy.  What to make, what to make.  Well, it will have to wait awhile because I also made some (& by SOME I mean a LOT of) purchases online.  Love me some two peas online shopping!

I also ordered some washi tape online.  The more I see this decorative tape on the scrapbook scene the more obsessed I become with tracking it down.  I was able to do just that (thank you, Google).  I ordered some from Cute Tape. They had a lot to choose from and the prices seemed pretty good. I'll report more when they arrive.  

I also got a couple of REALLY awesome gifts. (I think this might be the most spoiled I have ever been on a birthday.) Like this one!....
An Instax camera.  It's basically the new Polaroid. (In case you didn't know, Polaroid is SO out. No really, they are totally out of production.)  I'm really stoked that my man came through for me on this one.  I've been dropping not-so-subtle hints for months now.  He has been flat out telling me no since the film is so gosh darn expensive.  "Buy in bulk," I tell him.  "You take too many photos," he tells me.  So I was thrilled to see he actually caved. (I love birthdays!) 

I can't wait to make my first layout with these two cherished photos...
They are the only two I have taken with the new camera so far. (Oh! I have to name it!--I name all of my prized possessions... but that is for another day.) I tried to take one of Brian (my, not so amused at the expensive film he just had to purchase, husband), but he said, "don't take my picture, my hair isn't even done, you'll be wasting film!" (Sorry babe, but that IS what you said.) Anyway.  Aren't the photos cool?

I also got these...
 Minnie and Mickey Mouse salt and pepper shakers. Cuteness for my growing Mickey kitchen collection. *sigh* (So cute.)

Anyway.  I feel like I have blabbed on and on and on about my silly little birthday.  So I will stop now.  But, I do love birthdays, and I do try to make them special for my little family.  I am so glad that they returned the favor.  I could not have felt more special.

Oh, P.S.  My husband told me that he also purchased the pink Smash Journal that I wanted so badly I actually asked for it outright.  They were out of stock so it should be arriving in the mail any day now!  Between that, my two peas order, washi tape order and upcoming Studio Calico, I am officially stalking the UPS dude.  

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