Thursday, June 9, 2011

You're Getting Sleeeeeeepyyyyyyyy

Never have I wished for a coffee maker more.  Last night at about 230am this little one....

decided to start climbing out of her warm and cozy crib.  Over and over and over.  Finally my husband turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to distract her from crawling into our bed. Big mistake. BIG. Why in the world did we reward bad behavior?  Only in a moment of weakness or a stupor of sleep would we be so short sighted.  Of course that shortsightedness effected nap time behavior as well.  So, I am just a wee bit tired today (understatement of the year...I have toothpicks holding my eyelids open).

Hopefully we can find a solution for this problem very soon.
It's a good thing she is so darn cute or I might be more inclined to stay mad.

On a happy note, my first Studio Calico kit arrived today. YEAH, now THAT's what I'm TALKIN' about!  Ok. That is my last bit of energy.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have the gusto to conquer all of my new goodies...

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