Saturday, February 13, 2016


Guys! It's almost Valentine's day! Are you going to be showered with flowers and chocolates and treated to a delicious drunken romantic dinner? Yeah, me either. Hottie works so instead we are ordering in too much Chinese food and watching Netflix tonight... pretty much just like any other weekend. ;)

I did realize something pretty cool though... I think I've found my calling. I think I was put on this Earth to create funny Valentines... 

or at least ones that say what people are really thinking, but in gorgeous flourish... It could be a thing, right? I'm going to get on this for next year. Look out, American Greetings...

and so that I can confirm to you how weird I really am... if I'm being truly honest. THIS is what I really want for a Valentine gift.. cuz nothing says I love you like a brightly colored tool chest.

It's SOOOO good in person, ya'll! I am freaking smitten over this thing... and I would have totally bought it for myself but it was $400 (and that's at TJMaxx)(insert crying and heavy sighs here).. but it comes with wheels! and really fancy padding for the drawers! and I did a little research (mostly to see if there was any possible way I could find it any cheaper than that) and found out it comes in TEAL! I really need want this for my scrappy and art supplies. Like, bad. I'm obsessing, for real. Anyway, happy Valentines Day! I hope you get stuffed with chocolates and are given more flowers than you can count... cuz that seems way more normal than receiving a lady tool chest.

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