Thursday, February 11, 2016

Purple People Eater

Guys! I have PURPLE HAIR! Like, neon purple (in the sun anyway). I'm obsessed.

Here are some heavily filtered photos. I love filters. Filters forever, I say.

 Here is a non-filtered look of it in the sun. Sort of. Crazy, yeah?

Also, I've been working like a CRAZY person on all kinds of fun projects. I have 5 pieces under construction for our upcoming roller derby art auction. Four watercolors and one string art piece...

I have to say, this string one is my very favorite so far. It is rainbow-tastic. I kinda want to keep it. No, I really want to keep it! I hope someone is able to dish out a good amount of cash for it!

and I have some exciting scrap projects going too. It's both fun and awful to be in the middle of so many things at once. Feast or famine, yeah? What have you been up to lately?

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