Friday, December 18, 2015

Photos of Christmas' Past

Hey. Here's a couple more holiday pages... cuz I said I would share...

This ribbon is like, whoa. so pretty. (Yes, I just nerded out over ribbon. Hey, for some it's Star Wars, others it's scrapbook supplies. feel free to point and laugh.)

More Crate Paper old school Peppermint on this one. Letting the photo be the star.. but not too much. I threw some glitter letters in there because my oldests face was a smashed up that Christmas.. (silly boy moment of playing a game at school that made him pass out and crush 3 teeth and his face in the process. teenagers!) sepia can only hide so much... the group hug is so sweet I had to scrap it scabs and all. #reallife

I have some December Daily stuff prepped to share with you all soon. (Hopefully in December!) and I'm formulating a post about how my kids hate me in my head right now.. so that's something to look forward to as well. Happy holidayyyyyyyys.

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